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Bad pictures: Ukrainians put alleged collaborators naked in the pillory

Bad pictures: Ukrainians put alleged collaborators naked in the pillory

In the first few days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, photos of suspected looters tied to poles and poles multiplied on social networks. New videos on Telegram suggest that this “custom” has now been extended to alleged Russian collaborators.

Rene Rabeder
December 10, 2022 9:54 am

Of course, these images are being distributed not least via Kremlin-affiliated Telegram channels in order to defame the people of Ukraine. But that doesn’t make the content of the videos any better. Young men tied to traffic signs who are also beaten to their humiliation. The attacks against their own civilian population do not reflect well on the troops of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“Education for Others”

In the spring, the authorities were still trying to justify these actions. The police forces would not be sufficient in the current situation, a Kiev official was quoted by the Strana news site as saying. “A looter must understand that he will get what he deserves in any case: first he will be tied to a pole and then he will certainly be imprisoned for ten years… He will understand that the punishment is here and now.” Also be it an educational measure for others.

They are said to be Russian collaborators

Tied to a traffic sign, beaten and humiliated

The men are simply left behind

The videos spread rapidly on Telegram

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