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Abuse case at school becomes a judicial scandal

Abuse of 40 students: justice lazy display

The abuse of 40 boys by a teacher at a school in Vienna is bad enough. But the role of the public prosecutor’s office seems downright scandalous. Despite a complaint against the educator, she did not investigate for years.

editorial staff
December 7, 2022 08:03

It’s hard to believe: now it comes out that the sports teacher who is said to have abused at least 40 boys at a middle school in Vienna was reported by an ex-student for sexual abuse back in 2013. In a holiday camp on Lake Wolfgang, the educator is said to have become violent. But the public prosecutor’s office responsible at the time in Wr. Apparently, Neustadt ignored the process.

In any case, nothing happened, the physical education teacher was able to continue his mischief and abuse his students for another six years. Investigations were only started after another report in 2019. The educator then undertook his responsibility by committing suicide.

Even the Ministry of Justice of Alma Zadic (Greens) is puzzled, the public prosecutor’s office in Wr. Neustadt asked to submit a report. It should be clarified how it came to the obvious scandal.

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