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Excitement about Chechen dictator Kadyrov: sons present Ukrainians as booty

Excitement about Chechen dictator Kadyrov: sons present Ukrainians as booty

It is well known that Ramzan Kadyrov (46) doesn’t really think much of human rights. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – and so the Chechen leader has probably passed his brutality on to his sons. They bring home Ukrainian prisoners of war as “trophies” for their proud father.

Rene Rabeder
22. October 2022 09:24

Anyone who follows “Putin’s bloodhound” on Telegram sometimes needs a good stomach. In one of his most recent videos, his underage sons Achmat, 16, Eli, 15, and Adam, 14, show Ukrainian soldiers as if they were souvenirs from a safari.

Disturbing video causes a stir in the West

The proud dad rejoices in the video that his children have returned from an “eventful trip to the Donbas”. The pictures also caused a lot of excitement in the German media. This is also too much for journalists who otherwise call for more and more weapons and further escalation.

The proud dad: Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov

With “trophies” back from the Donbas

Zelenskyj adviser calls for “urgent intervention”

The video is also too much for Zelensyi adviser Anton Herashchenko, who describes himself on his Twitter account as an “official enemy of Russian propaganda” and is an adviser at Ukraine’s Interior Ministry. In his tweet he writes: “Kadyrov posts a video showing that his children captured six Ukrainian soldiers and will take them to Grozni (capital of Chechnya, ed.), Chechnya. Is this like a safari for them?’ There is an ‘urgent intervention needed’. Herashchenko asked if Amnesty International or the Red Cross had any ideas.

Harrowing video: Ukrainians shoot captured Russian soldiers?

“It is their wish”: Chechen dictator Kadyrov sends his sons to the front

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