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German secret service BND supports Ukraine with information

German secret service BND supports Ukraine with information

The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) supports Ukraine with information about positions of the Russian army. This is reported by two German media. Accordingly, Berlin not only supplies Ukraine with weapons, but also with intelligence information.

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28. September 2022 22:09

According to a report in the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”, the BND is supposed to pass on reconnaissance findings that come from satellite images, intercepted radio messages or mobile phone calls to Ukraine. This included information about ammunition depots and photos of a Russian airfield with the exact location and number of aircraft. This emerges from joint research with the ARD magazine “Contrasts”.

More than 100 notifications sent

The BND had this procedure legally checked in advance, reports the “Zeit”. The data would be passed on with a delay of up to a few days, it said. Therefore, they are not directly usable for the planning and control of deadly attacks. So far, more than 100 tips have been sent.

Two children walk past the headquarters of the Federal Intelligence Service in Berlin. WHAT/AFP/John MACDOUGALL

When asked by the German Press Agency, a BND spokesman said that the service would only comment on operational aspects of its work to the German federal government and the responsible, secret-meeting committees of the Bundestag.

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