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Tyrol election and Ukraine war: eXXpress editor-in-chief discusses at ServusTV

Tyrol election and Ukraine war: eXXpress editor-in-chief discusses at ServusTV

Exciting minds on Sunday in the talk format “Links.Rechts.Mitte – Duel of opinion makers”: eXXpress editor-in-chief Richard Schmitt, among others, will discuss the state elections in Tyrol and the role played by the Ukraine war from 9:50 p.m on ServusTV.

Stefan Beig
24. September 2022 17:56

The polls do not bode well for the Tyrolean ÖVP: heavy losses are attested to the People’s Party in the state elections on Sunday. It remains to be seen until Sunday evening how severe the minus will really be, whether the People’s Party will get off lightly with minor losses. In any case, it will provide topics of conversation in an exciting political talk with eXXpress editor-in-chief Richard Schmitt on SertvusTV.

Are the sanctions to blame?

Whether there is a connection between the Tyrolean election result and the Ukraine war, including Europe’s economic sanctions against Russia, will also be an issue. After all, dissatisfaction is currently increasing massively in view of skyrocketing prices and the significantly reduced gas supplies from Russia, which more and more people are feeling.

Political blogger Natascha Strobl from the SPÖ, Dr. Ralph Schöllhammer from Webster University, Benjamin Weiser, editor-in-chief of and Richard Schmitt. The exciting TV talk will be moderated by Michael Fleischhacker.

TV tip: Left. To the right. Mitte – duel of the opinion makers, on Sunday, September 25 at 9:50 p.m. on ServusTV Austria and at 10:10 p.m. on ServusTV Germany.

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