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“Dangerous escalation”: Linke Wagenknecht calls for the end of arms deliveries

“Dangerous escalation”: Linke Wagenknecht calls for arms deliveries

Ukraine’s military successes did not go unanswered for long. With a partial mobilization of the Russian army, the next escalation level in the war has been reached. For left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht, it is now time to stop arms deliveries to Kyiv and to strive for peace.

Rene Rabeder
24. September 2022 10:28

In view of the new developments, should we continue to send weapons to Ukraine? “I think that’s total madness,” says Wagenknecht in her weekly online show. Russia is a nuclear power, and the use of tactical nuclear weapons is still the last, most terrible card that can be drawn to avert defeat, she analyses. And a “cornered Putin” is dangerous.

Great encouragement for Wagenknecht

“How many more people are supposed to die in Ukraine if the suffering of the civilian population is never to end?” asks the left-wing politician, who has been critical of arms deliveries from the start. The Green Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock sees it differently: “Arms deliveries help to save lives”. The previously applicable principle of not fueling conflicts or even wars with arms deliveries is “wrong and not accurate,” agrees her party colleague, Economics Minister Robert Habeck. “Have they all gone mad?” Wagenknecht asks himself – and he reaped the rewards YouTube almost 55,000 likes within the first 48 hours.

Russia’s defense minister: “We are fighting against the collective West”

“Weapons save lives,” says Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock

Should the West keep sending weapons to Ukraine?

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