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Life sentence: Maskless gas station killer sentenced

Life sentence: Maskless gas station killer sentenced

The man who shot a 20-year-old gas station attendant last year was sentenced to life in prison today. At the time, the young man had pointed out the obligation to wear a mask. This had so offended the German that he returned an hour later and shot the clerk in the head.

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13. September 2022 11:24

This act made international headlines: The young gas station cashier Alex W. (20) had to die because there was a violent argument with the mask refuser Mario N. (50). This had been a customer of the gas station in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. When he was at the cash register, there was an argument because N. pulled the mask off his face. The young gas station attendant rebuked him in an extremely “assertive and arrogant” manner when asked if he could pull the mask down because of his asthma. An hour later, Mario N. came back to the gas station shop. In the course of another verbal argument, the perpetrator shot the cashier in the forehead with a revolver without warning – the young man was killed immediately.

“Acted insidiously and for base motives”

The presiding judge Dr. Claudia Büch-Schmitz found clear words: “From the Chamber’s point of view, he acted insidiously and for base reasons.” The victim was defenseless and unsuspecting, “the weapon was deliberately only drawn at the last moment”. Regarding the motive, the judge says: “He found it inappropriate that a ‘gas station boy’ – as he called Alex W. in his interrogation – reprimanded him.” He then said to his brother-in-law in a video message: “I shot the asshole, I did it.”

Perpetrator Mario N. referred to the difficult family situation

She also saw a political motive behind the crime. The opponent of the measures wanted to “set a sign”. “The person Alexander W. didn’t count, at that moment he was the only available object to express his long-standing dissatisfaction.” The public prosecutor’s office had demanded life imprisonment and a determination of the particular severity of the guilt. N’s defense, on the other hand, pleaded manslaughter. The perpetrator repeatedly protested his regret for the crime throughout the process, saying he was frustrated by the death of his parents. His father was diagnosed with cancer in early 2020 and tried to kill himself and his mother during lockdown. He was unable to go to his father’s funeral because of Corona, and he was not allowed to visit his mother in the hospital. He complained that the trial had been so “cold” and that his deep regret for the act had not been taken into account.

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