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‘Turn off lights when there’s no wind’: Fear of winter blackout rises

‘Turn off the lights when the wind isn’t blowing’: Fear of winter blackouts growing

Cooking dinner after 8pm, doing your laundry in the morning or evening and turning off the lights when the wind isn’t blowing is advice that is preparing Britons for the energy crisis. If these tips are not followed, there is a risk of a blackout at Christmas.

Rene Rabeder
2. September 2022 10:59

Millions of Brits could soon be officially asked to cut their energy use to avoid blackouts by avoiding using gas and electricity at peak times and turning off lights on days when the wind isn’t blowing, the energy expert has warned. Kathryn Porter of consulting firm Watt-Logic.

No wind, no light

Speaking on the BBC program World at One, she said: “Unfortunately, the risk of blackouts increases with each winter as we have replaced thermal and nuclear power with intermittent renewable energy. This makes us vulnerable to times when wind power is low.
In addition, there was very little wind production in July and August. Demand is much higher in winter, and if such weather conditions continue, the risk of power outages will increase.

Minister Liz Truss has few options

rationing or blackouts

Minister Liz Truss is unable to say there will be no rationing. If there is not enough power generation to meet demand, there will either be rationing or blackouts,” Porter said.

Are you prepared for the energy crisis?

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