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“Generation climate protection”: Mountains of waste after Street Parade

“Generation climate protection”: Mountains of waste after Street Parade

Garbage, drugs and needlesticks. Between skipping school and saving the world, thousands of young people still found time for a boisterous party. But the balance sheet of the Street Parade in Zurich is something to behold: 100 tons of waste (!), plus alcohol and drug excesses…

editorial staff
16. August 2022 07:06

The city center was like a rubbish dump the morning after. Outside the parade route alone, cleaning workers collected 38 tons of aluminum cans, beer bottles and plastic on Sunday night. In total, more than 100 tons of waste had to be removed from the city’s streets and meadows.

Even bulky waste is disposed of

But it didn’t stop with this normal rubbish. “Certain people think they can dispose of their waste well today,” says an organizer in the Swiss media. Whether it’s grills, refrigerators or office furniture: “There are a few things that make you wonder how they got here,” he says.

Mysterious splash attacks

Some of the participants will also ask themselves how they got here in the first place. The “Weltwoche” reports on 359 treatments for alcohol or drug use. And a creepy trend also found its way to the techno festival: the so-called “needle spiking”, in which people are attacked by strangers with needles and stabbed with unknown substances. Eight people fell victim to the mysterious action, as the eXXpress already reported.

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