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The well-intentioned gas-saving tips – they really bring so little

The well-intentioned gas-saving tips – they really bring so little

The opposite of good is often well intentioned. Even with the energy-saving wisdom of politics, this saying remains valid. Putting the lid on the pot while cooking, drinking the beer a little warmer, showering instead of bathing – none of this will help to overcome the crisis.

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15. August 2022 09:24

The EU states agreed on a 15 percent reduction in annual gas consumption. According to calculations, the sum of all planned regulations and recommendations for private households results in savings of only two percent.

The contribution of private households is manageably small

In Germany, the responsible Federal Network Agency announced that it had reduced consumption by five to eight percent. However, the absolute majority of this comes from industry, some of which has switched to coal or oil. Whether citizens heat their pools or only turn on their washing machines when they are full is irrelevant.

Less heating, more mould?

Nevertheless, the regulations now also contain clauses according to which tenants are not allowed to heat their apartments as much. However, experts fear that this could lead to increased mold growth, which is said to be counteracted with appropriate ventilation – which could be a very cool affair in winter. In public buildings, the minimum temperature is to be reduced by one degree to just 19 degrees – eXXpress reported. However, this only applies to public buildings. Minister Robert Habeck, responsible for Germany, had announced that he also wanted to talk to the Ministry of Labour, employers and unions about lowering the minimum temperature in companies, reported “Welt”.

Anger over the tips is “boiling” on the internet

“If you cook with a lid, you use up to 40 percent less energy. A small but efficient contribution to saving energy together in the current situation – thank you!”, writes the domestic climate ministry of Leonore Gewessler (Greens) in a Facebook post. You should also make sure “that the pot fits snugly on the hob and use the lid. This way you reach the desired temperature faster and less heat escapes.”

Saving tips are not well received

Gewessler’s advice is met with incomprehension by many users on social media. For example, a user writes “we’re supposed to drive electric cars – but unplugging the devices and putting the pot on the lid will bring about the big change”? Regarding the fridge tips, another user writes: “How stupid do you think we are. These are normal temperatures. Why did the GEWESSLER fail to have the gas storage tanks filled? Instead of wasting money on tips, get your chores done. Is not pleasant to be cold in winter, or know to have work”

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