Friday, September 30, 2022

“Terrible pictures”: Three dead in a traffic accident in Styria

“Terrible pictures”: Three dead in a traffic accident in Styria

In a serious traffic accident on Ennstal Straße (B320) in Styria near Schladming (Liezen district), three people were killed shortly before 7 a.m. on Monday. Two other people suffered serious injuries, reported the Liezen district fire brigade command.

editorial staff
15. August 2022 10:36

A van had crashed head-on into a small SUV on the Schladming bypass, which was pulling a car trailer. Four people were trapped in the wreckage in the collision.

They were freed by rescue workers using hydraulic equipment. The two seriously injured were taken to the hospital after first aid. The emergency services had a “terrible picture” at the scene of the accident, the broadcast said.

Dogs are unharmed

After rescuing the people, the rescuers also took two dogs out of the van. The uninjured four-legged friends were initially placed in the care of an animal shelter. Ennstal Strasse was completely closed during the operation.

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