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“Needle-spiking”: Creepy needle-spiking trend scares Europe’s party scene

“Needle Spiking”: Creepy needle spiking trend scares Europe’s party scene

It’s a spooky trend seen across Europe. Eight people were now victims of a “needle spiking” attack in Switzerland at the same time. They were stabbed with a syringe by a stranger…

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15. August 2022 10:57

The phenomenon has been spreading across Europe for months. The British “BBC” reported more than 1,000 cases in England last autumn. The victims of the attacks are mostly young women. They are pricked by strangers with a medical needle or other sharp objects. Many say that after going to a club they suddenly felt unwell, unable to speak or stand. They later discovered the puncture site on her body.

The background remains a mystery

Several incidents also occurred at a street festival in the Swiss city of Zurich. The background is a mystery to the investigators. “Apart from the obvious puncture site, the eight people, mostly young women, showed no noticeable symptoms,” says Urs Eberle, media spokesman for Protection & Rescue Zurich in the “NZZ”. “They had not collapsed, nor were there any signs of seizures or illness.” None of them was sexually harassed or even raped.

Fear is rampant in Europe’s party scene – of the mysterious injection attacks

HIV screening tests

Explosive: Even if no substance was injected during the punctures, they can be dangerous. The puncture site was disinfected in the medical post, says Eberle. Victims are now required to take HIV and hepatitis tests.

1000 cases in England alone

Club owners and police are trying to raise awareness – one rapper even interrupted his recent show to warn concert-goers of the risk of surprise needle attacks. But the phenomenon does not only exist in France: the British government is also confronted with a flood of “needle spiking”. There are said to be more than 1000 suspected cases there – and the police in Belgium and the Netherlands are also investigating isolated cases.

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