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Gewessler’s tax money destruction: Green treats itself to 120,000 euros 36 social media accounts

Gewessler’s tax money destruction: Green treats itself to 120,000 euros 36 social media accounts!

36 different profiles of Leonore Gewessler’s (Greens) climate ministry can currently be found on the web – and Austria’s taxpayers finance this with 120,000 euros a year. What the answer to a parliamentary question also shows: well-known green and left-wing friends are once again benefiting from the award of the contract.

Richard Schmitt
15. August 2022 17:00

The green ex-Global 2000 activist provides us with top-of-the-pot tips on how we Austrians should save – and spends our tax money with both hands on her praise and presentation on the web: Like a current answer to a Parliamentary request from FPÖ MPs now shows that Leonore Gewessler’s Ministry of Climate and Energy finances a total of 36 social media accounts. Costs per year: 120,064.92 euros.

With these appearances on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, Gewessler not only celebrates himself, but also the climate ticket, or “Österreichradelt”, ” running consciously”, the “klimarat” and even “austriainspace”.

Always wants to be staged perfectly: Leonore Gewessler on twitter.

Well-known names: Langthaler’s “Brainbows” and Lockl also help Gewessler with their social media appearances.

What a coincidence: ex-Greens again best bidder

Of course, as with her extra-parliamentary body “Climate Council”, the Green Minister apparently had intensive help from agencies, which again raked in a lot. A well-known name also stands out when it comes to helping with the social media accounts: The consortium “Brainbows/Lockl & Keck” with subcontractor Mediabrothers received 58,006.94 euros in tax money for “communicating the offers and services of the climate protection initiative”.

As reported, this consortium with the ex-Green Monika Langthaler (“Brainbows”) and the Green ex-Gobal 2000 spokesman and current board member of the ORF Foundation Council Lothar Lockl already gets from the Gewessler Ministry for the “handling of the awareness-raising program of the climate protection initiative ” 304,552 euros.

Again the best for this tender in the Gewessler Ministry: Lothar Lockl and Monika Langthaler

Wald-Verlag first point of contact: “Uniform content templates” cost taxpayers 16,230 euros

The answer of the climate ministry to the question of the FPÖ deputies, which external contractors have been commissioned for the social media activities, delivers another quite amusing surprise: the “Wald Verlag” of the Viennese entrepreneur Markus Huber (“Fleisch” -Magazin), who often judges other media very critically on twitter, received 16,230 euros in tax money from the Gewessler department for the “development of uniform content templates” for the accounts on facebook, etc.

Also interesting in the minister’s answers: A well-known Green worked at the subcontractor “Mediabrothers” until February 2021 – just like at “Brainbows”, namely the ex-press spokesman for the Greens Stephan Götz. He was also involved in the 2016 Van der Bellen election campaign.

All in all: A green and left-wing one-sidedness can hardly be denied in the awarding of contracts by the Ministry of Climate and Energy in the social media area.

Perhaps at some point the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Economic Affairs and Corruption (WKStA), which is known to examine the business relationships of FPÖ and ÖVP politicians very intensively, will also be interested in these business connections.

16,230 euros for the forest publishing house by Markus Huber.

Wald-Verlag boss Markus Huber also dutifully defended the green minister on twitter – that was certainly still free for the 16,230 euro order.

Expensive orders, mistakes, scandals, lack of gas supplies: Should Leonore Gewessler resign?

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