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Austrians alarmed: record search for firewood on Google

Austrians alarmed: record search for firewood on Google

The sanctions against Russia and the gas crisis are now driving the Austrians down the wrong path. In the middle of summer, many people are afraid of the impending cold in winter. A look at the trends in search queries on the Internet shows how dramatic the situation is: Firewood is in greater demand than ever.

Rene Rabeder
14. August 2022 09:38

Simply heat with wood instead of gas or oil? This idea seems to come to mind for many Austrians at the moment. On the Google search engine, searches for the term firewood are trending upwards. But after a short research, the next disappointment follows – firewood is currently not available in many hardware stores.

Replenishment is not possible in a hurry

“That won’t come until autumn,” they say. The consequences: Up to 200 daily calls to some providers. And longer and longer waiting lists. In addition to the wood from the Ukraine and Russia, there is also no wood from Hungary, for example, where there are currently delivery difficulties. Even if there are enough forests, firewood cannot be produced quickly. Before that, it has to dry for two seasons. All these factors lead to one result: more price increases!

The trend is clear – firewood is more in demand than it has been for a long time

Wood is the new toilet paper

In the course of the general increase in prices, the price of wood has recently also risen significantly. In addition to energy and food, wood has also recently been affected by the price surge. “Wood is the new toilet paper. We see a development that we still know as the toilet paper effect from the corona crisis,” said Minister of Agriculture Norbert Totschnig (ÖVP). If only the need for this year is covered, the supply is secured. His appeal to the population is therefore: “Please shop normally. Don’t hoard, don’t hoard.”

Does the impending energy crisis worry you?

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