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Fortune earned with Covid masks: millionaire dies in yacht accident

Fortune earned with Covid masks: millionaire dies in yacht accident

He just wanted to spend a relaxing holiday with his family: during a turning maneuver off the Italian coast, entrepreneur and mask millionaire Dean Kronsbein was thrown from his yacht and died on the spot.

Johanna Tschavoll
3. August 2022 10:41

Kronsbein was relaxing with his wife and daughter on the sundeck of his 21-meter yacht. Suddenly the captain jerked the wheel to avoid another boat. This maneuver resulted in the Munich entrepreneur’s yacht crashing into several rocks in front of the Sardinian port of Porto Cervo.

Wife and daughter seriously injured

Dean Kronsbein was thrown overboard by the impact. While his wife and daughter were taken to a special clinic 100 kilometers away with serious injuries, the only thing that could be determined was that the entrepreneur was dead, as the local newspaper “Olbianova” reports.

There were seven people on the motor yacht – only Kronsbein died in the accident.

As reported by “Bild”, Dean Kronsbein was the son of a well-known Munich gallery owner. In the corona pandemic, he is said to have made millions of deals with the British government, to whom he sold masks. He is said to have owned a £5million estate in Ross-OnWye, England. He always described himself as a “medium-sized German entrepreneur” and was the owner of “Ultimate Filter GmbH”, which develops filter systems and also has the second company headquarters in Great Britain.

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