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Video: Massive field fires threaten drivers in the middle of the highway

Video: Massive field fires threaten drivers in the middle of the highway

Shocking scenes: Firefighters tackle several fires in Dartford including large field fires on Bridge Estate near Crossing and Dartford Heath off the A2. Many motorists had to stop – some filmed the flames, which made it impossible for them to continue.

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July 19, 2022 6:32 p.m

It’s been a busy afternoon for firefighters across Britain who have been called out to battle the forest and bush fires on the hottest day of the year. The situation is particularly dramatic in Dartford, near London, with 12 fire engines battling a huge field fire near a well-known motorway junction and a further 12 battling a serious fire on the A2 near Dartford Heath. There should also be a housing estate in danger!

The fire brigade in the British capital has declared major damage in the face of several fires in London. Dozens of vehicles were sent to various fires, 30 alone to a meadow fire in the east of the city. The first pictures show that the fire has already spread to several residential buildings there. Around 175 firefighters are on duty, according to the BBC. Another 85 are fighting two grass fires in the south of the city.

Columns of smoke are rising everywhere!Screenshot

The fire fighters could currently cover all operations, the fire brigade said. However, declaring the major disaster helps to better focus the forces. London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted that the fire service was under immense pressure.

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