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Explosive advice to Zelenskyj: “Ukraine must acquire nuclear weapons”

Explosive advice to Zelenskyj: “Ukraine must acquire nuclear weapons”

This will probably not really contribute to a de-escalation: “Ukraine must acquire nuclear weapons,” advises the well-known British historian and political expert Dr. Paul Maddrell. He also thinks that the US would “deliver cheaply”.

Richard Schmitt
July 2, 2022 10:34 am

This development could bring Europe to the brink of apocalypse: the government in Kyiv should strive to acquire nuclear weapons as quickly as possible – Dr. Paul Maddrell, Lecturer in History and Politics at Loughborough University, UK. The well-known author (“Spy Chiefs”) sees this high-risk action as a peace-building initiative: If Ukraine had nuclear weapons again – as it did in the days of the Soviet Empire – Volodmyr Zelenskyy and his staff could prevent Vladimir Putin from achieving his war goals.

“Had Ukraine still had its nuclear weapons, it would have been far too great a risk for Russia to start the invasion,” argued Dr. Maddrell now at a lecture.

The Ukrainian army suffers massive casualties from Russian artillery fire every day.

US nuclear weapons for Ukraine?

And the political scientist and historian continues to analyze: “If Ukraine is denied accession to NATO, which is to be assumed, then there is only one way for Volodymyr Zelenskyy: Ukraine must develop nuclear weapons or acquire nuclear weapons.”

The internationally well-connected scientist then delivers a very interesting prognosis: “The USA may be willing to sell nuclear weapons to Ukraine at a reduced price.”

The summary of Dr. Paul Maddrell: “Only a nuclear threat from Ukraine itself will end the Russian invasion.”

In the worst case, however, this could lead to a dramatic escalation of the war – and to the nuclear annihilation of much of Europe.

dr Paul Maddrell, political scientist, historian and lecturer at Loughborough University.

Should the Ukrainian army be further upgraded with weapons?

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