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Spoke with a foreign accent: search for rapes in Lower Austria

Spoke with a foreign accent: search for rapes in Lower Austria

In Lower Austria (Wiener Neustadt district) there was one attempted and one completed rape in June. The perpetrator is said to be the same person in both cases – the police have now published an identikit.

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30. June 2022 10:11

An identikit has now been published in the investigation into two sexual offenses in the Wiener Neustadt district. In Bad Erlach, a woman was raped on the night of June 24th, and there was also an attempt of this kind during the night on the 5th of the month. It is assumed that the perpetrator is the same, said the State Police Department of Lower Austria. Both victims were injured and required medical attention. Police say they are still in shock.

Accused could come from Eastern Europe

The accused is said to be a man between 1.80 and 1.90 meters tall. The two women estimated his age to be between 50 and 60 years old. He is also said to have spoken to his victims in a foreign language unknown to them. According to the police, he could come from Eastern Europe. During the second act, the stranger was masked with a face mask, wore black work gloves and a conspicuous French cap.

The investigations were carried out by the State Criminal Police Office of Lower Austria, investigation area for sexual offenses. Information is requested from the State Criminal Police Office of Lower Austria on Tel.: 059133-30-3333.

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