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New shock report: Even more poverty in Germany

New shock report: Even more poverty in Germany

From the corona pandemic to the energy crisis: The huge price increases are having a dramatic impact on poverty. 13.8 million Germans – i.e. 16.6 percent – are currently considered poor – a new high! It shouldn’t be any different in Austria.

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30. June 2022 08:57

Energy prices are rising and rising, petrol is now a luxury item – people around the world are suffering from the dramatic price increases. According to the Paritätischer Gesamtverband, poverty in Germany has already reached a record level. 16.6 percent and thus 13.8 million (!) of our neighbors are considered poor – and thus 600,000 more people than before the pandemic.

Due to the high inflation, the situation is also expected to worsen further. “Many people no longer know by the middle of the month how they should financially bridge the remaining days,” said Ulrich Schneider, general manager of the association, shocked.

Ulrich Schneider, General Manager of the association.APA

Unusual high increase in employment

Unusually strong took the poverty at to those in gainful employment, especially the self-employed. The rate rose from nine to 13.1 percent, and for employees it increased from 7.9 to 8.4 percent. One of the reasons: an increase in “apparently forced part-time work”.

There is also a new record for old-age and child poverty. 17.9 percent of pensioners and 20.8 percent of children and young people are affected. Schneider called the results “staggering”.

Are you feeling the effects of the inflation wave?

“Germany threatens to break apart at the bottom”

In the first year of the pandemic, the German poverty rate was 16.1 percent – 13.4 million people were affected. “The various emergency measures” by the federal government have ensured “that the Poverty only moderately increased despite the economic slump,” the association continued. Now both the economic effects of the pandemic and the high inflation are “full on poverty development”. “Germany threatens to simply break apart at the bottom,” said Schneider.

Although there are no official figures for Austria, the situation should not differ (much).

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