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New poverty? Grocery store robberies already

New poverty? Grocery store robberies already

Are these already the first outgrowths of the extreme wave of inflation that is keeping the country in suspense? The police are looking for two suspects who are said to have attacked a supermarket in Vienna-Liesing in May. One of the perpetrators even pulled out a gun!

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28. June 2022 11:29

Two unknown men are said to have attacked a supermarket on Meischlgasse in the 23rd district on May 21 at 6 p.m. The two suspects are said to have entered the branch shortly before closing time and behaved inconspicuously at first. They waited until all the other customers left the store.

A gun was even drawn

At the cash register they are said to have said that they wanted to buy two bottles of water. Suddenly one of the two men is said to have pulled out a gun and asked the employee to open the cash drawer. The second perpetrator is said to have taken the cash out of the drawer and put it in a backpack.

They are said to have asked the other employees – at gunpoint – to open the second cash register. Here, too, the cash was packed in the backpack, as camera recordings show. Both men then fled the store.

Both perpetrators are on the run

A suspect (picture) has cropped hair and is thin. He was wearing dark clothing and a cap, as well as an FFP2 mask. He had a gun with him and spoke German.

The second suspect also has cropped hair. He was probably in a pigtail as hair was sticking out of the cap. He also wore a cap and an FFP2 mask and had a backpack with him.

Police ask for help

Photos of the suspected perpetrators could be evaluated: Information is requested (also anonymously) to the State Criminal Police Office South Branch, on telephone number 01-31310-57210 or extension 57800

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