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Criminologist reveals: Every criminal migrant costs taxpayers 2.35 million euros

Criminologist reveals: Every criminal migrant costs taxpayers 2.35 million euros

The numbers that are being withheld from us in Austria are unbelievable: A top Swedish criminologist is now revealing that every criminal migrant costs the taxpayer 2.35 million euros, which alone makes 11.7 billion euros for society. Many Austrians are now asking: Why don’t we have such numbers?

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28. June 2022 17:41

Amir Rostami is one of Sweden’s leading criminologists and Professor of Sociology at Stockholm University. He has been researching the clan milieu in the northern European country for ten years. His latest findings about the extent of the criminal activities are explosive for the former liberal immigration paradise.

Explosive theses of a researcher and migrant

Rostami’s theses: In Sweden, gang crime is increasing every year – and as a result of mass and uncontrolled immigration, the authorities are completely losing control over more and more areas where migrant gangs are taking power.

“For many immigrants, coming to Sweden from a less developed country and enjoying the benefits is not enough. They want adventure and get rich quick,” says the criminologist. Therefore, many migrants join criminal organizations or gangs.

Again and again there are serious migrant riots in Sweden – most recently because of a planned burning of the Koran

Rostami, who himself has an Iranian migration background, divides the gangs into two categories. Those “disorganized criminals” made up of younger members between the ages of 20 and 25 with little or no education and dealing primarily in weapons or drugs. They are also responsible for the recurring street battles with the police and acts of vandalism.

The second group includes older, better educated criminals who operate in organized networks and are responsible for most crimes in Sweden. Some of these clan members are said to be accountants or people with college degrees – others also ex-military personnel. This group commits 40,000 crimes (!) every year in the tranquil northern European country.

Almost every registered criminal is a migrant

And Rostami declares the integration a failure: the migrant gangs pass on the criminal business to the family. Rostami argues that putting these individuals on the right track is an almost insurmountable task for society, and would require far more resources than is wise to invest.

Alarming numbers: The criminal clans already have 5,000 members in Sweden – 1,000 of them in Gothenburg alone. And it gets worse: According to the Swedish police, almost all registered criminals have a migration background. The most recent reason for migrant riots across Sweden was a planned burning of the Koran – the eXXpress reported.

The Swedish police are powerless over the level of violence on Sweden’s streets

The analyzes make it clear that every immigrant criminal will cost the taxpayer an average of 2.35 million euros (!) in the course of his life. This means a total financial burden of 11.7 billion for society. This also includes lost taxes to the state when individuals choose to pursue a career in crime rather than pursuing taxable work.

The criminologist has uncovered dramatic numbers: In the former immigration paradise of Sweden, after decades of looking the other way, the figures on criminal immigrants are being dealt with transparently: Many Austrians are now left with the question of why this information has been withheld from us so far.

Amir Rostami (47) sees himself as an example of someone who has chosen a different life. Born in Iran, he immigrated to Sweden with his family and grew up in the Frölunda district of Gothenburg, now considered a “sensitive area” where many immigrants live. He said his upbringing was fraught with the risk factors of becoming a criminal, but instead of taking the criminal path, he chose to study.

Rostami holds the rank of Police Commissioner in the Swedish Police and has also served as Senior Advisor to the Swedish National Coordinator for Protecting Democracy from Violent Extremism.

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