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“Havana Syndrome”: Ministry pays six-figure sums to victims

“Havana Syndrome”: Ministry pays six-figure sums to victims

The mysterious “Havana Syndrome” was also circulating among members of the US embassy in Vienna. Now the American government has decided in the so-called “Havana Act” to compensate injured parties with up to 200,000 dollars. The cause of Havana syndrome is still unclear.

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27. June 2022 11:05

Those affected suffered from mysterious headaches, drowsiness, hearing and vision problems, dizziness and fever. The unexplained cause of “Havana Syndrome” caused wild conspiracy theories last year and is still unexplained. One of the theories: the Russian secret service irradiated the members of the embassy with microwaves, which make them sick.

Subject of investigation since 2016

The American government has now decided on a compensation package for those affected and their families. State Department employees who have suffered long-term damage, such as brain damage, will receive up to $200,000. With “two dozen employees”, the CIA even considers that foreign forces could be involved. The syndrome has been closely examined by the US authorities since 2016: At that time, numerous employees of the State Department in Cuba were absent with the above-mentioned complaints.

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