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Öxit hammer: 54 percent of Austrians no longer believe in EU membership

Öxit hammer: 54 percent of Austrians no longer believe in EU membership

Survey hammer from Brussels: The Austrians are fed up with the EU! More than half of those questioned no longer see membership in the European Union as positive. And the sanctions against Russia are not supported by the majority of the population either.

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26. June 2022 08:32

Brussels had 26,500 citizens questioned about their opinion of the EU. 1005 of them in Austria. The result is a political bomb: only 46 percent of Austrians still think the union is a good thing. In the rest of the EU, this value is still 65 percent.

Inflation causes problems for citizens

The fact that Ukraine suddenly became a candidate for membership, even though the EU itself had accused the country of severe corruption a few months ago, will probably have given many Austrians the rest. But the sanctions against Russia – and the associated inflation – are also a thorn in the side of many in this country.

She is increasingly losing the trust of the Austrians: EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen

Stable prices must be a priority for Austrians

According to a recent Eurobarometer survey, only 49 percent of Austrians agreed that solidarity with Ukraine is a higher priority than preventing increased prices and the cost of living. This is well below the Europe-wide average of 59 percent, according to the survey commissioned by the European Parliament. In contrast, 49 percent of Austrians also said that price and cost-of-living stability must be a priority, even if this undermines the defense of common European values. Across the EU, only 39 percent of respondents agreed with this statement.

Many Austrians now reject the EU

When asked specifically about the increase in energy prices, 62 percent in Austria said they were not prepared to support them, compared to an EU average of 58 percent. 63 percent of Austrians stated that they were not prepared to support the rise in food prices. EU-wide it was 59 percent.

How do you feel about Austria’s membership in the EU?

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