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The Simpsons are over: Russia only allows Eastern TV

The Simpsons are over: Russia only allows Eastern TV

The burger already tastes different, the lemonade is made in-house instead of imported. Many Russians are having to get used to new products due to sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine. In addition to their culinary habits, they now also have to rediscover their TV taste. In the future, films and series will no longer come from the USA or Europe, but from the East.

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21. June 2022 13:08

Russia streaming services are planning a big shopping spree in the east. Russian customers will soon have to do without many series from the West. A logical step for Dzhanik Faiziyew from the Netflix counterpart “Okko”.

Shopping tour in Turkey

“We have a certain budget available,” he explains to “Tass”. And because you can no longer spend it on European or American series due to the sanctions, feelers have been put out to the east and Turkey.

Mickey Mouse is out

Walt Disney, for example, had previously ended its involvement in Russia. Because of the war in Ukraine, films and series are no longer criticized on the Russian market. Sony has also participated in the sanctions.

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