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Flight cancellation: why you should always take a selfie

Flight cancellation: why you should always take a selfie

At the airport on time and still no space in the holiday jet? In this case, the state agency for passenger rights recommends a selfie that, if possible, documents that the check-in counter was still open when you arrived at the airport and on which the display board with the departure times is also visible.

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21. June 2022 10:32

It is also advisable to be at the airport two hours in advance and check in online in advance. If the plane arrives at the destination airport with a delay of three hours or more, the passengers are entitled to compensation payments of between 250 and 600 euros. The amount depends on the distance, i.e. for a flight from Vienna to Mallorca it would be around 250 euros, for the destination New York 600 euros.

In the event of a flight cancellation – except due to extraordinary circumstances such as storms – the passenger must be offered comparable transport or the ticket price must be refunded.

Ticket price must be refunded

The guest can be offered the choice between a voucher and money, with the choice being up to the customer and not the airline, according to Röhsler. The private consumer protection association VSV emphasized in a broadcast today that the rights of air passengers are regulated in the EU regulation for air passenger rights – unfortunately many airlines would not comply with it.

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