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Heat warning: what we should and shouldn’t do!

Heat warning: what we should and shouldn’t do!

Scorching hot temperatures of up to 36 degrees await us this weekend – but what can you do if you can’t escape into the cool water? Many partly useless, partly even dangerous myths surround the best “survival strategies” in the fight against the mega heat – the eXXpress knows what really helps.

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18. June 2022 09:19

Summer is finally here – and with it a tremendous heat wave that brings joy to sun worshipers, but also represents a great burden for many people – and poses a health risk that should not be underestimated. If you are not in the fortunate position of being able to escape to either the swimming pool or even your own pool, you have to look for somewhere else to cool off – and here a veritable snake pit full of persistent “heat tips” opens up, which they mean as helpful as they are how useless, counterproductive or even dangerous they are. So what to do when you start sweating?

Not everyone can get on a plane to escape to the sea – but you can also fight the heat at homeGetty Images

One of the most basic facts first: It’s not so much the hot temperatures that make us suffer, but the heat in combination with high humidity and no wind. This means that we are less concerned when the thermometer shows 40 degrees and the heat is dry – we suffer much more when the tropical mix is ​​28 degrees and the air is extremely humid. And: A cool breeze is always refreshing – and the warning about a stiff neck is more nonsense than truth.

Therefore: Setting up a fan is always a good idea – if air conditioning is too insidious for you, you can leave the artificial wind generator running around the clock without any worries. The cool breeze is refreshing, works against stagnant air in the room and, in combination with regular ventilation, ensures a significantly better climate in the room.

This brings us to the next stubborn heat myth: You should only ventilate well in the morning and evening or at night and keep the rooms as closed and darkened as possible during the day – and hang up wet towels to cool down. Beep – wrong! Because that’s exactly how you “breed” an oppressive tropical climate in your own four walls – and suffer more than you have to.

The most important thing though: drink a lot and regularly! Staying hydrated is important at any time of the year, but absolutely essential during heat waves. Keeping a cool drink close at hand with an ice cube or two and a pitcher or bottle of water is a real lifesaver during a heatwave. It is particularly important for older people, who quickly lose their sense of thirst in hot temperatures, to ensure that they drink enough fluids.

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