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Vienna’s district heating scandal: This trio is driving thousands to despair

Vienna’s district heating scandal: This trio is driving thousands to despair

This is an absolute mess! For 440,000 Viennese district heating households, prices will rise by 92 percent (!). The red-pink city of Vienna will soon be taking 540 euros more out of the pocket of average consumers a year. Because district heating is part of Wiener Stadtwerke, which in turn belongs to the City of Vienna…

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8. June 2022 06:42

Holidays have already been canceled – many Viennese will now also have to decide between eating or heating. The reason: Wien Energie will soon submit an application for an “adjustment of the official price notice for district heating”. This application will then be checked by the City of Vienna – but complications are not expected. Not surprising given the company structure. After all, district heating is 100 percent in the hands of Wiener Stadwerke. And these Wiener Stadtwerke are 100 percent part of the “company” Stadt Wien.

Climate neutrality should be secured

According to Wien Energie, the additional money is also needed to achieve the goal of climate neutrality and to be able to get out of gas. In order to achieve this, a total of one billion euros are to be invested. Of course, the customers should pay for it. And you can obviously expect that from them; After all, there have only been four price increases in recent years.

Two thirds gas, one third garbage

The enormous price explosion is also linked to the effects of the global energy crisis. The Austrian gas price index rose by more than 470 percent compared to May 2021. And gas, at two-thirds, is still the most important component of district heating. Only the rest comes from waste incineration, industrial waste heat and biomass.

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