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US general surprised: “200,000 Ukrainian soldiers disappeared”

US general surprised: “200,000 Ukrainian soldiers disappeared”

He was at the forefront of the Iraq war and is considered a top military expert in the United States: Now ex-General Steven Twitty (58) is said to have expressed his surprise at the poor state of the Ukrainian army – he has 200,000 soldiers out of the 260,000 men -Army for “disappeared”.

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8. June 2022 07:20

The well-known US general has so far only been quoted in the Russian media with his statements: Steven Twitty is said to have said clearly that the war cannot be won by Ukraine. Quote: “I think that the war in Donbass is turning in favor of the Russians. They don’t bring the full mass of combat power there with their infantry and their tanks. However, they have now gathered their artillery, and so they are succeeding. Russia has a heck of a lot of fighting power, way more than the Ukrainians. And in no case will the Ukrainians ever destroy or defeat the Russians. And I say even more: the Ukrainians will never have enough fighting power to drive the Russians out of Ukraine.”

Worn down by the Russian army’s strategy of attrition: Ukrainian soldiers in the trenches.

US military adviser in Ukraine?

And the former US general is irritated that the Ukrainian army is unable to mount any major counter-offensives – with an alleged strength of 260,000 soldiers. IAccording to hm, 200,000 soldiers mysteriously disappeared from the armed forces of Ukraine: “Who knows where they are today?” asks the general.

This huge number of soldiers is simply no longer in the field of vision of the American military advisors apparently working in Ukraine. Either there was already disinformation about the extent of the mobilization. Or much worse – these troops have already been defeated, have fallen out injured or deserted and fled to the West. While information is lacking here, the US advisers from the “Ze Team” would always hear a great deal about “Russian losses”.

US General Steven Twitty (58) sees a “mysterious disappearance” in the Ukrainian army.

US general accused of being a “Putin fan”.

Ex-General Steven Twitty was a longtime commanding officer of the fighting force. From June 2001 to June 2003 he commanded the 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment during Operation Iraqi Freedom. His Task Force 3-15 was awarded the President’s Unit Citation.

Due to his statements in the US media, which contain far less positive evaluations of the Ukrainian army than the mainstream media would like, Twitty is defamed as a “Putin fan”. In any case, the next few weeks of fighting in eastern Ukraine will show how right – or wrong – the US general was with his analysis.


Inducted into the “Hall of Fame”: US General Steven Twitty (right).

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