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US declares energy emergency: “Unable to ensure power supply”

USA declares energy emergency: “Power supply can no longer be guaranteed”

The White House has declared an energy emergency in the United States. Blame for the looming supply crisis is Russia – and also climate change. The mass import of solar cells from Southeast Asia should now remedy the situation. The warning of imminent blackouts also applies to Europe.

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7. June 2022 09:41

In a press statement US President Joe Biden announced on Monday that the electricity supply in the US could no longer be fully guaranteed. According to him, the war in Ukraine and the consequences of climate change are to blame.

Russian invasion causes disruption in energy market

As the information service provider Bloomberg warned weeks ago, the blackout risk in Europe, parts of Asia and the USA has increased significantly from mid-June.

The White House press release said: “Several factors threaten the ability of the United States to generate enough electricity to meet anticipated customer demand. These factors include disruptions to energy markets caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change.”

“Climate change is a threat to national security”

Since the conventional electricity market can no longer meet the demand, solar cells are now to be imported from Southeast Asia – duty-free. “Solar and battery additions are expected to account for more than half of the electric sector’s new capacity in 2022 and 2023. The unavailability of solar cells and modules jeopardizes these planned additions, which in turn jeopardizes the availability of sufficient power generation capacity to supply the expected customers.”

The US government currently sees risks to national security: “Electricity generated by solar energy is also crucial to reducing our dependence on electricity generated by burning fossil fuels, which is driving climate change. The Department of Defense has recognized climate change as a threat to our national security.”

Can solar energy be the future of energy supply?

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