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Swiss authorities are now showing citizens the quickest route to bunkers

Swiss authorities are now showing citizens the quickest route to bunkers

No reason to panic – but … The war in Ukraine scares many people. Battles near nuclear power plants and Moscow’s constant nuclear bomb threats are unsettling. The phones at Civil Defense are running hot. Also in Switzerland. There, authorities are now pointing the way to the next protective bunker.

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26. May 2022 11:42

Even in our western neighbors, officials only inform the population when the disaster is imminent. The Confederates’ shelters must be ready for occupancy within five days at the latest.

Old plans cause confusion

Using the example of the city of Zurich, the reason for the short-term warning is explained in the “Tagesanzeiger”: “Since immigration and emigration, but also construction activity, is high, the city, the federal government and the canton agreed that allocation planning should only be carried out at a impending conflict,” it says. This should also prevent outdated plans from circulating, which could lead to confusion.

Per Navi in den Bunker

In view of the new threat, however, many citizens now want to know where to go in an emergency. The authorities offer help online. For example, on the website “” you can look for your place in a bunker. There is a mask for all cantons on the website. Simply enter the address of the residential building, whereupon the allocated shelter and the way there will appear on the Google map.

Do you know where to go in an emergency?

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