Monday, August 15, 2022

Irritating images: In marching formation to the Lobau occupation

Irritating images: In marching formation to the Lobau occupation

They are back: On Wednesday, activists reoccupied the “Wüste” city road construction site in Vienna-Donaustadt, which had been cleared in February. In orange suits they block the construction site.

Rene Rabeder
25. May 2022 08:27

The immediate halt to construction and the expansion of cycle paths and public transport in the district were required. “Today we stand in the way of the destruction of our livelihoods and the concrete policy of the Viennese SPÖ. Here, on the construction sites of the city highway, the SPÖ casts the climate crisis in concrete. In doing so, she once again puts the interests of construction companies and the car lobby ahead of the needs of the people in the city on the Danube,” said Lucia Steinwender, spokeswoman for “Lobau Stays”.

Editing the article

The demonstrators, dressed in red rain overalls, marched to the site, climbed onto construction containers and put up the banner “Block diggers and blokes!”. The Vienna police have been informed about the occupation and are already on duty.

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