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“eXXpress Life – The holistic coaching and service magazine” by and with Carina Schwarz!

“eXXpress Life – The holistic coaching and service magazine” by and with Carina Schwarz!

Every Friday at 8.15 p.m. we devote ourselves to important topics relating to body, mind and soul. Together with experts, we provide you with helpful knowledge and impulses for a good and healthy life! In the new episode of “eXXpress Life” we dedicate ourselves to the inner child. Tonight at 8:15 p.m. on eXXpressTV – now also in Magenta’s cable network at number 170!

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20 May 2022 12:48

Put simply, people are the result of biological factors, childhood imprints and environmental factors that interact with each other.

What is the inner child?

Every adult was once a child. This inner child is not lost even when growing up, because our childhood shapes us for our later life. Especially the first years up to elementary school age determine our personality and our self-esteem as adults. Negative experiences, insults, unpleasant experiences and stressful emotions that we made, experienced and felt as children remain deeply rooted in us and can unconsciously influence our behavior. Wrong decisions, fears and conflicts can be traced back to this early imprint.

eXXpress life coach Carina Schwarz with mental trainer Melanie Pignitter.

Why should you care about your inner child?

If the past catches up with you again and again and prevents you from developing freely and finding your own happiness, then the causes are usually buried in childhood. Mental injuries, loss of love, negative experiences – although you are an adult, much of this still has an effect on everyday life.

It is the inner images, the patterns of thought and behavior and the basic moods of early childhood that we carry within us that shape us and that today have a say in how we think, feel and act.

The inner child therefore represents the core of our being, which – largely unconsciously – also influences us as adults. It depends to a large extent on whether life is generally successful, whether we can get along at work, have fulfilling relationships, and feel content. If something generally goes wrong, for example if we regularly get caught up in conflict-ridden relationships, always fall in love with the same type of man or woman, are stuck professionally or don’t achieve any of the goals we have set ourselves, it can be worth looking into our own childhood.

Therefore, it is important that we remember and connect with the child we once were. It lives on in us constantly, and everything we have experienced plays a role in our lives. Especially when something has touched us in a special way and has met with a response. In order for old wounds to heal, the inner child needs special attention.

The loved and rejected inner child

The beloved inner child is the living side in us and is expressed particularly through personality traits such as joy, spontaneity, openness, curiosity, enthusiasm and taking responsibility for one’s own actions. According to psychotherapists, if the parents accept their child as it is, even if it differs from them or their ideals, a bright inner child develops, a sun child.

The unloved and rejected inner child arises, if the child experiences rejection or obviously does not meet the wishes and ideas of the parents. It is particularly expressed through personality traits such as sadness, fear, frustration, anger, envy, shame, etc. and shows itself in the search for recognition and confirmation, through dependence on people or addictive substances, or in pronounced consumer behavior.

Anyone who experienced a lack of attention and love in their childhood can heal old wounds through their own deep examination and the establishment of a connection to their inner child and subsequently, through the development of basic skills, strengthen their roots and thus for more Provide abundance in your own life.

As an expert on this topic, Melanie Pignitter is a guest of moderator and eXXpress life coach Carina Schwarz. she is graduate Mental trainer, book author and founder of “Honig Perlen”, on social media and in blog articles, she gives valuable tips for a happy life.

Look forward to an informative episode with holistic approaches for your physical health! Tonight at 8:15 p.m. in the new episode of “eXXpress Life” with Carina Schwarz – only on eXXpressTV, channel 170!

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