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Crazy threats every day: Putin wants to see us die in these 5 ways

Crazy threats every day: Putin wants to see us die in these 5 ways

Berlin, Paris and London completely destroyed in 106 seconds. Helsinki wiped out with a nuclear missile. Full nuclear war against NATO. Nuclear tsunamis with tidal waves 500 meters high. The threats from the Kremlin are getting crazier every day. The eXXpress has the apocalyptic list of Putin’s annihilation fantasies…

editorial staff
17 May 2022 13:05

1: Nuclear strikes on Europe’s capitals

Since the invasion of Ukraine began, Putin has repeatedly threatened nuclear attacks. The Kremlin repeatedly put forward the use of the dreaded “Satan” rocket. But the threat was also spoken quite openly: On the Russian state television channel “24”, Putin’s propaganda machine illustrated nothing less than the horror scenario in which Moscow attacks three European metropolises with these nuclear missiles – and wipes them out. A graphic shows how Berlin, Paris and London would be hit within just 106 seconds of “pushing a button” from the Kremlin. Addition: “There would be no survivors”.

2: Nuclear strike against Helsinki and fallout in Europe

Putin sees Finland’s planned entry into NATO as a threat – and he reacted with a vehement threat: “We will wipe out Helsinki in 10 seconds with our Sarmat nuclear missile”. This Sarmat is 8273 km/h fast, 35.5 meters long and carries nuclear warheads thousands of kilometers.

Of course, the effects of a nuclear strike on Finland would also be devastating for us. The fallout from the radioactive cloud would reach all of Europe.

3: Famine caused by nuclear tsunami

This is probably the craziest of the previous threats: A new type of 24 meter long “nuclear torpedo”, which can travel up to 6200 kilometers under water at more than 220 km/h, could be detonated in the Atlantic.

The consequences of this attack: The mega-tsunami that would result from this explosion would roll over and inundate the whole of Great Britain and large parts of those European nations with stretches of coastline on the Atlantic. The tidal wave would be more than 500 meters high. In this artificially created flood catastrophe, millions of people would die immediately, western Europe would be finished. The radioactive radiation that would follow would turn large parts of Europe into a desert for decades to come, and the survivors would face severe famine.

4: Social unrest caused by energy poverty

Our end could come from within us – without atomic bombs. Arguably Russia’s most dangerous weapon is energy. Europe is still dependent on Putin’s gas. If he turns off the supply, it gets cold. The result would be freezing, starving people and serious social unrest – even deadly riots.

Realistic dystopia: Putin could trigger riots and chaos with a radical energy shortage

5: A blow to the US

In this way, the “cold proxy war” quickly turned into a “hot” world war. Attacking an American target would activate the greatest military superpower, the United States. 5,550 nuclear weapons await in the United States arsenal. Moscow has 6,255 nuclear warheads at its disposal. Putin’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov left no doubt that World War III will be a nuclear war.

For this variant of absolute escalation, Putin does not need to drop a bomb on Washington. The USA is currently flexing its muscles in the Baltic Sea. Two mighty warships were moved to the central Baltic Sea. Together with a destroyer that has previously set sail in the Baltic Sea, they form one of the largest naval formations in the region for decades. There they will carry out joint maneuvers with the NATO partners.

And the rest of the world is wondering: how does Putin react to this provocation?

Are you afraid that the war in Ukraine could develop into a nuclear world war?

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