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Bill Gates: Twice a year for the corona vaccination

Bill Gates: Twice a year for the corona vaccination

It is well known that Bill Gates is a great advocate of vaccination. Recently infected with Corona himself, the Microsoft founder said he was “lucky to be boosted” – the eXXpress reported. But Gates is also concerned about the vaccination behavior of the world population. People should be vaccinated twice a year, he says in a CNN interview.

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16 May 2022 14:04

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Gates has already been vaccinated four times

At least people in the 50-60 age category should do this every six months. Until there are vaccines that last longer, Gates told CNN journalist Anderson Cooper. Gates also announced that he himself has already been vaccinated four times – even double-boostered. He also wants to continue to be vaccinated at this interval.

Will we have to be vaccinated twice a year in the future?

Gates also assumes that there will be no better vaccines than the ones available so far for the “next few years”, but he hopes for other vaccines. Those that would provide lifelong protection from Corona to induce herd immunity.

Two vaccinations a year – are you ready for it?

As long as these vaccines do not exist, there will always be corona outbreaks. You have to remind people that the pandemic is not over yet, Gates said. In order to get more people to vaccinate, you also have to fight “conspiracy theories” about vaccination, said the billionaire.

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