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“White racist”: Greens want to rename Columbusplatz in Vienna

“White racist”: Greens want to rename Columbusplatz in Vienna

In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered North America. In 1864 he was given a very special honor for this: a square in Vienna-Favoriten was named after him. But that should now be the end of it. The Greens want no place for “white and racist colonialists”…literally.

Rene Rabeder
11 May 2022 17:13

While many Austrians plagued by the corona pandemic are worried about the gas supply – and in times of record inflation hardly know how to finance their daily lives, the Viennese Greens have completely different concerns: They are calling for the renaming of “racist and colonialist street names”. For example, Columbusplatz is to be renamed in Favoriten. Because of course – what a surprise – it is named after Christopher Columbus of all people. And he was not only white, but also a colonialist. A racist one at that. According to the Greens in the Vienna City Council, such street names have no place in public space.

The “real” problems of the Greens?

The liberals don’t get much out of this idea. “While the population often hardly knows how to pay their increasing rent or groceries, the Greens are really dedicating themselves to important issues,” states FPÖ district party chairman Stefan Berger.

Municipal councilor Stefan Berger and club head of the district representation Christian Schuch at the controversial ColumbusplatzFPÖ Vienna

SPÖ voted against it

With a motion for a resolution, the Viennese FPÖ wanted to ensure that such a renaming would remain impossible in the future. But the SPÖ voted against it. And so, at least in Favourites, the Italian navigator could soon be in for it.

Should Columbusplatz be renamed?

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