Tuesday, May 17, 2022

What a surprise: aggressiveness in mask controls is increasing

What a surprise: aggressiveness in mask controls is increasing

The masks have already fallen in many parts of Austria. Masks are compulsory on public transport, but there are more and more inhibitions. Mask sinners are becoming more and more brutal.

Rene Rabeder
9 May 2022 08:05

Anyone who doesn’t use public transport regularly might think the pandemic is over. The mask requirement that applies there is also being ignored more and more there. More than 4100 passengers in Vienna were reminded to wear mouth and nose protection in just one week.

Physical attacks are also increasing

The 330 security and service employees of Wiener Linien are increasingly dealing with aggressive mask sinners. And even with the ÖBB one has to “unfortunately find that the aggressive behavior of individual travelers has increased,” reports spokeswoman Julia Krutzler in the “Kurier”. Even physical attacks are no longer an exception.

Police will be notified

Wiener Linien registered 50 attacks on employees due to incidents related to the obligation to wear masks. We show zero tolerance and report every case,” says spokeswoman Steinwendtner.

“If addressing the passengers does not lead to success, the passengers are fined and even expelled from the station or the vehicle,” explains Wiener Linien. If people still don’t cooperate, the police will be called.

I wear it in public transport

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