Sunday, May 22, 2022

Corona numbers: 4363 new infections

Corona numbers: 4363 new infections

As of Sunday 9:30 a.m., 4,363 new infections with the corona virus have been reported in the past 24 hours. That is 863 fewer new infections than the day before.
editorial staff
May 1, 2022 12:53 p.m.
83 people infected with the virus are being treated in the intensive care units.

Allocation to the federal states

The new infections are divided among the federal states as follows:

Wien: 1211

Lower Austria: 1179

Upper Austria: 622

Styria: 431

Carinthia: 256

Tyrol: 209

Burgenland: 183

Salzburg: 164

Vorarlberg: 108

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