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Vienna subsidizes: 4.6 million euros for left-wing cultural association

Vienna subsidizes: 4.6 million euros for left-wing cultural association

The controversial Viennese TV station “Okto” is about to end. After 16 years, the city of Vienna turned off the money supply. The alternative cultural center “WUK”, on the other hand, was approved for a hefty increase – currently a “porn exhibition” is being funded with it.

Rene Rabeder
28 April 2022 18:00

The history of the “WUK” began in the 1970s with an illegal squatting. At that time it was prevented that “General Motors” moved into the site of the former locomotive factory in Währinger Straße. “Cultural centers” emerged from the squats. To this day, the WUK refuses to pay the City of Vienna reasonable rent. The building is now being extensively renovated at the taxpayer’s expense.

“Border between porn and art”

The exhibition “pornotopia revised” is currently running in the WUK. According to its own statement, this is dedicated to the gap between pornography and art and its emancipatory character. “How can porn or art with pornographic means become a self-empowering feminist practice?” is the question there.

Vienna increased subsidies

So far, the Viennese have financed the cultural center with 250,000 euros a year. But apparently that wasn’t enough – and so the MA 7 increased the amount considerably. There was an extra 160,000 euros for 2021. For 2022 and 2023, the City of Vienna even let an additional 310,000 euros jump. In total, this results in a total funding volume of 4.65 million euros!

“Okto-TV” before the end

The controversial Viennese TV station “Okto” is now on the verge of extinction! After 16.5 years of broadcasting and annual losses in the millions, the employees found out by email on Wednesday. The city of Vienna has stopped the basic subsidy.

FPÖ criticizes funding for “dubious art projects”

“In Vienna, there is a lack of money for essential projects such as the renovation of non-profit housing in every nook and corner. While the Viennese will have to struggle with increased fees and rents and will find it difficult to make a living, millions will be made available for dubious art projects. This waste of tax money must come to an end!” FPÖ-Vienna culture spokesman MP Stefan Berger.

Has no understanding for the funding: FPÖ culture spokesman Stefan BergerFPÖ Vienna

Accordion Distribution Subsidy

In general, tax money in Vienna is quite loose when it comes to subsidies. For example, in 2020 the “cultural association for the dissemination of accordion music” received no less than €75,000 in tax money. The question might arise: Why is playing the accordion promoted, but not the spread of the recorder?

Also noticeable in the list: €39,000 went to the Vienna “Institute for Relationship and Sex Research” in 2020, which specializes in advising on “processes of coming out” and for assistance with “questions on sexual orientation ” specialized.

Okto employees should report to eXXpressTV

According to its own definition, the “OktoTV” program is geared towards groups that are “underrepresented in the Austrian media landscape”. This mainly meant migrants. The eXXpress with its channel eXXpressTV makes an offer to the employees who have now been fired and who have lost their “TV home”: Get in touch with us!

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