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British doctors blame mysterious childhood hepatitis on Covid lockdowns

British doctors: Covid lockdowns to blame for mysterious childhood hepatitis

Protective masks, distance rules, quarantine – the prescribed measures against the corona virus could have caused enormous collateral damage. Mysterious childhood hepatitis outbreak is lockdown consequence for some UK medics!

Rene Rabeder
26 April 2022 07:41

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many medical professionals have warned of the collateral damage of the corona pandemic. Due to the measures taken by politicians to contain the corona virus, many people did without important preventive examinations. Operations have also been postponed. Particularly dramatic: The lockdowns could have much more serious consequences for our children than feared.

Dozens of children needed a new liver

Since Monday, there have also been two children in Vienna with mysterious hepatitis in St. Anna Hospital – eXXpress reported. Why her liver is inflamed remains a mystery to medical professionals. The WHO is aware of 170 such cases worldwide. The course of several dozen children was so bad that they needed a donor organ. It is particularly sad that one child has already died from the disease.

Immune system could not form

Most cases are in the UK. And the experts there have an explosive suspicion as to where the cause of hepatitis could lie – namely in the lockdowns!
It is important for the immune system of children to go through many different infections. However, isolation and protective masks made healthy development impossible. This is how doctors also explain why children under the age of five seem to be affected by the mysterious disease.

Has been warning of collateral damage for a long time: TV doctor Dr. Marcus Franz

Study: Lockdowns & wrong corona policy caused hundreds of deaths

The eXXpress repeatedly warned of these developments: The corona pandemic brought with it excess mortality – albeit mostly as “collateral damage”. The majority of deaths were people who had not contracted Covid – but had not seen a doctor because of Covid.

Since the Corona year 2020 there has been “excess mortality to be observed in Austria. According to calculations by the “Austrian Health Academy”, 6.8 percent more people died in 2021 than statistically normal. But it has nothing to do directly with the infected.

“If possible, do not go to the hospital”

“Most of the excess mortality is due to people who didn’t even have Covid at the time of death,” explains Maria M. Hofmarcher, co-author of the study entitled: “The pandemic has increased the risk of death for everyone.”

A lockdown cannot heal, but only pause life. In addition, there is a risk of massive collateral damage, warned TV doctor Dr. Marcus Franz weeks ago. And unfortunately he was right about that.

If possible, do not go to the hospital, that was the message in the first lockdown. Some people took that to heart too much – and died at home from heart attacks or other complications, the “Standard” now also reports. Even in the second year of the pandemic, things didn’t get any better. The postponement of supposedly non-essential operations, such as heart surgery, caused a lot of collateral damage.

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