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New smoking rule: 3 x vaccinated people are “safe” for 12 months?

New smoking rule: 3 x vaccinated people are “safe” for 12 months?

The Austrian Ministry of Health has extended the validity of the so-called “booster”. Anyone who has picked up the third stitch in autumn or winter can breathe a sigh of relief. Minister Rauch assured that nobody would have to go without a vacation because of an expiring vaccination certificate. However, this would only be a problem if the green passport is required in the holiday country – this is currently only the case in Europe in Austria.

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15 April 2022 07:53

As the Ministry of Health has now announced, the validity of the booster vaccination has been increased from nine to 12 months. This is due to the fact that there is currently no vaccination recommendation for the 4th stitch – new studies from Israel showed at the end of March that the second booster vaccination becomes ineffective after just a few weeks and has no health advantage for most people.

Refreshers in autumn, vaccination campaign is ramped up again

At the end of March, 455,735 first series of vaccinations (two vaccinations or convalescence and one vaccination) expired across Austria, by May 1st there would have been over 600,000 further first series of vaccinations. At the end of June, around 77,000 people in Austria would have had their vaccination certificates expired – this has now been postponed by three months. In terms of timing, this means that many people will need a booster vaccination in autumn so that their green passport remains valid – provided the government sticks to this model.

Will you pick up the fourth stitch in the fall?

It is to be expected that there will be another vaccination campaign in autumn, because the Ministry of Health has already ordered eight million new vaccination doses for the second quarter in addition to the vaccines already in stock. In any case, Minister Rauch assumes that there will be another corona wave in autumn and that it may be necessary to ramp up the measures that have been slowly relaxed. Many measures are simply “paused” over the summer.

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