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BREAKING: Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet arrested!

BREAKING: Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet arrested!

Bang after the sinking of Putin’s flagship “Moskva”. The commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Igor Osipov (49) was arrested!

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15 April 2022 09:01

“Moscow has sunk” – the Kremlin had to grudgingly admit that. More precisely: the guided missile cruiser “Moskva” could no longer be saved after an explosion and went under. For the Russian Navy, it is the greatest loss in its history. And that apparently came at the hands of the Ukrainians. “R-360 Neptun” is the name of the guided missiles that Kyiv used to inflict the bitter defeat on Russia – eXXpress has already reported.

Whatever happened on board the “Moskva” now has dramatic consequences for one. Admiral Osipov, commander of the Black Sea Fleet was arrested.

Moscow initially tried to downplay the damage

The ship had a crew of 610 and played a crucial role in sea-launched missile attacks on Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Defense initially tried to downplay the damage to the flagship, which entered service in 1983.

As recently as Thursday morning, the Russian army had declared that the fire had been contained and that the warship would be towed back to port. The most important weapons of the “Moskva” were not damaged, and the ship is not in danger of sinking. In the evening Moscow finally had to admit the loss of the navy.

According to military experts, this could be a “turning point” in the Ukraine war.

Crew was able to save themselves

After all, the Russian crew on board was apparently able to save itself. But the loss of the “Moskva” is enormous for Russia. Moscow cannot bring any more warships into the Black Sea via the Mediterranean because Turkey has blocked the passage of Russian naval ships through the Bosphorus.

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