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Missile cruiser “Moskva” sunk: That’s how the web laughs at Putin

Missile cruiser “Moskva” sunk: That’s how the web laughs at Putin

The news about the heavy Ukrainian hits on the “Moskva”, which could possibly even have caused the mighty missile cruiser to sink, is making waves – and where Russia is responsible for the damage, ridicule and scorn for Putin on the Internet are not long in coming. The eXXpress has the best reactions.

editorial staff
14 April 2022 11:00

One of the most powerful warships in Russia, the missile cruiser “Moskva”, is badly damaged or even sunk (the eXXpress reported). Ukraine celebrates this as a great triumph and reports that the warship was hit by two “Neptune” shells. Russia denies this, attributing the extensive damage to a “munitions explosion resulting from a fire” – exactly what happened cannot be determined at this time and will be the subject of investigations.

But one thing is certain: the “Moskva” is no longer operational, its crew of more than 500 men was completely evacuated. Fix is ​​also: The web celebrates the loss of Putin’s army with a firework display of memes and tweets.

Just two days ago, the Ukrainian Post Office issued a commemorative stamp depicting one of the most iconic propaganda stories of the war: when Ukrainian soldiers refused to surrender to a Russian warship and shortly before their deaths radioed “Russian Warship “Go fuck yourself!” said. The stamp shows a Ukrainian soldier showing the middle finger to a Russian warship – the Moskva is of all things to be seen on the stamp.

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