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Bold theory: Germans are said to have invented the wheel

Bold theory: Germans are said to have invented the wheel

A piece of news that people like to hear in the country of motorists, and which seems plausible on closer inspection: According to archaeologists, the oldest traces of wagon wheels from the Neolithic Age were discovered in Flintbek near Kiel in northern Germany. They are said to date from the fourth millennium BC.

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12 April 2022 20:52

According to a new study by the University of Kiel, excavations on the “largest early historical burial ground in Europe” leave no doubt that no older traces of this type have been discovered anywhere in the world. the ruts of a youthful cart.

The first wagons moved here 5,400 years ago. Dieter Stoltenberg

Birth of traffic?

At first no one really noticed them: then it was discovered that the lines were as wide as the Neolithic wooden wheels found in bogs. And even more: Their distance corresponded in width to the carts of that time. After the archaeological investigation of the surroundings and a chemical analysis – the C14 method – the age of the find could be determined fairly precisely and the Kiel archeology professor Johannes Müller is certain “The result puts Flintbek at the center of one of the decisive innovations of mankind.”

Perhaps this discovery explains the later Germans’ passion for cars, bicycles and whatever else is rolling?

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