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New video: Ukrainian soldiers celebrate shooting down Russian drone

New video: Ukrainian soldiers celebrate shooting down Russian drone

“Thank you Boris Johnson!” – A video shows Ukrainian soldiers shooting down a Russian drone. The direct hit was achieved with a “Starstreak” rocket from Great Britain. British Prime Minister Johnson promised further arms deliveries during his spontaneous visit to Kyiv.

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11 April 2022 13:06

“We are increasing our military and economic support and bringing together a global alliance to end this tragedy,” he said Johnson after meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv on Saturday. Johnson traveled to Ukraine a few hours after Chancellor Karl Nehammer.

EU ministers discuss further aid

The foreign ministers of the EU states are discussing additional support options for the attacked by Russia on Monday in Luxembourg Ukraine. Among other things, the proposal by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell to provide a further 500 million euros for the delivery of weapons and other military equipment is on the table.

This would add up to 1.5 billion euros in corresponding EU aid since the Russian invasion on February 24. Due to its neutrality in EU military aid, Austria had to adhere to the Ukraine always contained constructively.

Ukrainian soldiers observed a Russian drone

Using a British weapon system, they fired a missile at the missile

And celebrated the goal boisterously

Images of the downed drone

The “Orlan-10” was brought down from the sky

Photos and videos of the shooting are currently going viral

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