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Embarrassing: German “Spiegel” calls Nehammer a “FPÖ politician”

Embarrassing: German “Spiegel” calls Nehammer a “FPÖ politician”

Even “quality media” make mistakes: In a report on the Austrian Chancellor’s visit to Moscow on Monday, the online edition of the German “Spiegel” wrongly classified Karl Nehammer as belonging to the FPÖ.

editorial staff
11 April 2022 20:49

Making mistakes is human – and since people and not robots and computer AIs still write reports in the editorial offices of newspapers and news portals, it is more than understandable that the error devil creeps in even in the articles of the most renowned media from time to time .

The editors of eXXpress also know this and openly admit their own, where speed is often a factor, especially in the online area with daily updated news. Especially when you want to inform your valued readership about current world events as quickly as possible – and in times of a global pandemic and a war in Europe very close to your own national borders, anyway.

“Spiegel” described Nehammer as a “FPÖ politician”

Sometimes it’s a matter of small typing errors – here one letter too many, there one too few – and then coarser hackers happen. The German “Spiegel” has now shown that this can happen not only in the upscale tabloids, but also in quality media of long standing and reputation: Here the editors referred to the Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer in an online article on his visit to Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Monday mistakenly as “FPÖ politician”:

What was quickly discovered on the Internet caused ridicule and derision from some, amused faces from others – eXXpress reserves the right not to judge here, but only to note that Karl Nehammer’s party affiliation has of course not changed, and the incumbent Federal Chancellor is still a member of the ÖVP.

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