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Father of slain Tel Aviv bomber hails his son as a ‘martyr’

Father of slain Tel Aviv bomber hails son as ‘martyr’

Two people were killed and more than a dozen injured in the assassination attempt by a Palestinian in central Tel Aviv on Thursday evening. After a nine-hour search, the terrorist was tracked down by security forces. He died in the ensuing firefight. His father then celebrated his “hero’s death”.

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8 April 2022 21:07

Particularly bizarre: The father is a police commissioner by profession for the Palestinian Authority, as the German-Palestinian publicist Ahmad Mansour reported on Twitter. Killed terrorists are still regarded as “heroes” by their relatives and supported with financial donations.

Prime Minister: “Stay on alert”

The alleged assassin is said to have stayed in the country without a permit. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett commented on the incident: “We remain on maximum alert, in Tel Aviv and across the country, for fear of further events or assassination by copycats. (…) Our war against murderous terror is long and hard.”

Secretary of Defense Benny Gantz wrote on Twitter: “We got our hands on the despicable terrorist. We will expand our activities against the terror wave in terms of attack, defense and intelligence activities.”

With Ramadan, the threat of terrorism increases again

With the fasting month of Ramadan beginning on Saturday, the authorities fear further acts of violence. In the past two weeks there have already been three attacks by Arabs, in which a total of eleven people have been killed.

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