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After Russian shopping ban: Angry model cuts Chanel bag

After Russian shopping ban: Angry model cuts Chanel bag

The decision by the French luxury label Chanel to no longer serve its Russian customers due to the war in Ukraine caused red heads among Russian luxury ladies. Model Victoria Bonya (42) now let her shopping frustration out publicly on a wickedly expensive Chanel bag.

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8 April 2022 07:53

After the Instagram-Aus for Russia caused torrents of tears, the Chanel ban triggered one thing above all among shopping-loving luxury ladies from Putin’s empire: incredulity – and that quickly turned into raging anger (the eXXpress reported.)

The blood of the Russian model Victoria Bonya (42), who is also an influencer and presenter and lives in elite Monaco, even got Chanel’s affront so hot that she was apparently forced to take drastic measures: she massacred an outrageously expensive Chanel bag ( Cost point: several thousand euros – even more after the French cult luxury label increased its prices again just a few months ago) with scissors!

Bonya, whose net worth is estimated at $1.5 million, filmed her “statement” and shared the video on social media. Destroying the bag with a pair of large scissors, she says, “If Chanel doesn’t respect its customers, why should we respect Chanel? Bye bye” On her post on Instagram (because she lives in Monte Carlo her account is apparently still visible, ed.), she wrote: “I have never seen a brand that behaves as disrespectfully towards its customers as @chanelofficial #byebyeCHANEL.”

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