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“Invented” energy surcharge? Tesla rental car company hits a shit storm

“Invented” energy surcharge? Tesla rental car company hits a shit storm

At the moment everyone is groaning about the high energy prices, even some electricity and gas suppliers are terminating contracts. The Tesla car-sharing company “Eloop” tried a different approach: All users were to pay a one-time energy flat rate of 19.90 euros – but that was not well received by customers. The result was a retreat.

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7 April 2022 15:15

“In order to keep our tariffs stable, we decided on a one-off energy flat rate of 19.90 euros. The lump sum will be automatically collected in one week, April 11, 2022. This does not apply to Eloop Pro and Eloop Early Access users.” – the company wrote to its members last Monday.

The result was a shitstorm: many users accused the company of having “invented” the flat rate and threatened lawsuits because the introduction of an additional fee did not correspond to the terms and conditions. Now Eloop has backed down: “However, the negative feedback from our community was more than clear and justified – and ultimately made us rethink. We found that the approach we had planned, including the short deadlines and the exclusion of certain user groups, was not correct.” The company announced that advice would now be given on how to react to the increased financial requirements.

Green startup from Vienna since 2017

At the moment, basic membership with Eloop is free and is paid according to usage and if more than 150 kilometers are driven in one day. A “Pro” membership costs 99 euros a year and grants a ten percent discount on all journeys up to 170 kilometers. Only electric cars are used.

Are you willing to pay higher premiums because of energy costs?

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