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Chaos at the Green Pass: “Now it’s time for the next booster”

Chaos at the Green Pass: “Now it’s time for the next booster”

First the chaos surrounding free tests, then invalid certificates for those who had been vaccinated three times. For the well-known epidemiologist Gerhard Gartlehner, none of this is such a big problem. One thing is particularly important now: the fourth vaccination.

Rene Rabeder
1 April 2022 11:48

Two scenarios come into question for the expert. Either omicron remains the dominant corona variant, or a new mutation follows. In both cases, however, all Austrians should have a fourth vaccination. And Gartlehener makes it emphatically clear that he is addressing every Austrian.

Sees the fourth vaccination as particularly important: Gerhard Gartlehner

Vulnerable groups now need the second booster

People who are particularly at risk should therefore already take care of a new vaccination, according to the epidemiologist in the “ORF”. “For everyone else there will hopefully be an adapted vaccination in autumn, which will also protect us better against omicron.”

The renowned immunologist Andreas Radbruch, on the other hand, does not believe in another booster vaccination. He sees the risk of such an event even greater than the benefit – eXXpress reported.

He doesn’t believe in boosters: Advisor to the German Bundestag, Andreas Radbruch

The “antigenic sin”

He is tough on the so-called “boosters” – i.e. the booster vaccinations. From an immunological point of view, these are even nonsensical. After the fourth vaccination at the latest, a saturation effect would occur. And the fourth sting is also not very effective against the omicron mutation that is dominant worldwide.

Worse, it could even be harmful. The “antigenic sin”, as it is called, describes an effect in which the immune system imprints itself on a specific vaccine. “Now if you keep boosting until the immune system is really oversaturated, and then a variant came along that was very similar but more dangerous, you wouldn’t be able to do anything with this vaccine, even if you took an adapted one. The immune system would no longer react, so you could no longer react to new variants.

Are you getting vaccinated for the fourth time?

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