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Islamist terror in Vienna: friend of the quadruple murderer convicted

Islamist terror in Vienna: friend of the quadruple murderer convicted

An acquaintance of the Vienna bomber was convicted as a “member of a terrorist organization and a criminal organization”. A panel of judges imposed twelve months’ imprisonment, two of which were unconditional. The youth was arrested just a few hours after the assassination on November 2, 2020.

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30 March 2022 17:03

The public prosecutor’s office had not been able to prove a direct or indirect contribution to the crime. The accused was present at several jihadist meetings and kept in touch with the later perpetrator via Instagram and Telegram, and visited the same mosque in the eighth district.

Together with his brother, who is also under investigation, he joined the terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) and shared propaganda material in the form of videos and pictures with like-minded people, which he now admitted in court. After the assassination, he reset his cell phone to the factory settings and also hid it in the basement. After the investigators found it anyway, he refused to disclose the access code. It is believed that he was still in contact with the killer on the day of the attack.

The accused had a criminal record and appears to have been reformed

Since then, the boy has taken part in several deradicalization measures – with success, as the associations commissioned to testify in court: He met all deadlines, found an apprenticeship as an IT technician and prevailed against numerous competitors. The care was “picture-perfect,” said the probation officer full of praise.

Thus, the sentence for the previously blameless boy remained under the threatened sentence of five years: Only twelve months of imprisonment were imposed, two of them unconditionally, with a three-year probationary period.

Four people were killed and another 23 injured in the November 2020 attack in downtown Vienna. The perpetrator was shot dead by the police forces.

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